When Will I See You Again

It's been a month that dilemma passed and also a month that haven't seen the group.
My review buddies. Everybody is busy doing own stuffs. Some for career, some businesses and some were families.
Butch went home to California after review. Joy's husband already arrived and they were about to leave for Japan this December that's why she's busy processing their papers. Doctor was persuaded by his sister to reconcile with his mom so he can go to Canada.
Marj is busy to her SOLAS class.Zhel on her papers to Singapore and some were bum at home. It's so hard to book a get together since everyone is so busy. I just miss the guys I have been with for four months. The laughs, the little misunderstandings, lesson of each and everyones life story, the camaraderie and the joy being with. 

I Miss You Guys.

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Thank You for your shared thoughts. You keep my heart beats lovingly fast.. :D
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