Swinging Together

Marriage life is a  not always a great journey. It's not always a lullaby like swing nor always a windy play. There were times that patience, love, trust and faith is being test. All you have to do is to hold on to each other. Each other is your strength. It's like riding in a literal swing with cedar swingsets while holding each other . To balance and keep it moving together. No one will go jump out without the other or it can't be as pleasurable as it is if there's no cooperation of each other.

In our case, I believe we are being tested by time and life challenges. We are facing troubles at times and as we go together the more we value and love each other. We appreciate our differences not contradict. We work on our issues and adjust so that we will complement. On how we cope up and see things in  different way help us to see things outside the box. We we're not perfect. We are not trying to be perfect, we just want to enjoy life and build better life for  our children. We have petty and big understandings. The good thing about our marriage is that we never clash. Hubby is always been patient enough not to fight  nor talk to me if I am mad. If we have issues we let ourselves calm down prior talking with each other. It may took days but not a week, I learned from hubby to clear my mind, calm my emotions and think of the resolution, compromise and ways to prevent a next big fight.  He never taught  me by words nor advises but instead I learned from his actions , then I confirmed to him if I am getting the message right. I may have a strong personality, I still need a husband that will guide me, feed my spiritual being and the one that I know whose always on my back no matter what. He may not be the guy that is at all times  strong enough to depend on but surely will never leave me.

Cheers to a decade of being together and counting more.


Stronger Together

Life is not always a fairy tale. It is not always a happily ever after. There were lots of challenges along the journey. Challenges that will make you weaken, almost surrender but then you will overcome and hone you as a person that will make you stronger. What makes it a sweet success is having a person beside you who supports you. Help you with the challenges. Never letting go of your hand during the tough times. Letting you know you're not alone. The one who will walk with you, smiling and saying we made it. And that's what makes me lucky.

I have this guy who is not perfect but never leaves me behind. He's like my David Taylor who will always saves the day. We have little fights and misunderstanding but we have ways to work things out. We may not be known as the best couple, however for us we were. It is a mutual understanding that we believe, we are destined and created for each other. We can make all things together and of course with God's provision. We are not perfect but we work with our imperfections. We have one goal and traveling to one same path of our journey. Understanding each weakness, being a strength of each other and celebrating together.
A little fact about us, my husband is my major source of spiritual healing. I am his emotional strength. For the record, I am not that evil ha. It just that I am not a believer of goodness at all times. My husband is. He always have benefit of the doubt for everything and everyone. I am not like him. I don't usually trust people. I have reservations for everyone. Except for my family. Then my husband has big strong body but a soft heart. He can't be alone at one place for a long period of time. He admittedly told me those were things he can't do.  For us, if you are weakened at some point, I am here to be your strength.  We don't have much of mellow drama or sweet flicks time but we have our unique ways letting each other feel you are important and our "  i love yous" Compromise, trust, respect, loyalty and love for each other is our fuel to all the challenges and to our life journey.

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