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My husband is so much aware of the story about "ofizserye". An office flirtationship  starring  former friends.

He accidentally read the conversation one time when I asked him to checked my phone who texted me and my messenger is always open at our computer and in the tablet. So I just shared him the "ofizserye" story.

That was a former friend who chose to try the feeling of infidelity to her husband and the usual guy who will grab any opportunity for the girl who just opened the possibilities. Funny the girl always says they we're not doing anything wrong cause there's no physical contact. Alright, talk to the hand :p ..

Former friend because I refused to call her a friend, I burst out what I felt when she finally got what she wanted.  She lied for a purpose and use me. 

Oh well this is not about them. This is about us, me and hubby, relating to what was happening to their marriage. FYI both the cast of "ofizserye" portrayed to have a happy complete family. Both were well of living and their husband and wife were successful professionals. 

Oh life is not really fair. You can't have it all.

 Anyway that's one of our hot topic during our date night. And as he said so, reason why other couple's tend to look for someone whom they can jive/ enjoy with because they were not enjoying their spouses company anymore. As he said never look for anybody's companionship aside from your husband/wife. 
Very well said Sir. 

But actually this is our pre-birthday celebration for him. Happy 32nd h0n. mwuahh. 
So I posted this to my social media account with the caption.: 

Don't ever stop dating your wife and don't ever stop flirting with your husband.. Baka sa iba pa makipagdate at makipagflirt yan 

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