We are One

When you get married, the couple is called as one. Whatever your issues keep it to yourselves, within the family or better talk about it as husbands and wife. Relatives and in laws can't help neither. I can't remember if it was an advice or I read a book or heard (whatsoever) that a couple's problem will not be solve by anyone but only the party involve. Advices, reactions, suggestions sometimes make it more complicated. Better do a counseling together. Together! It should always be together!
A good friend of mine keep on posting about their couple's issue in her social media account. She was known to be the nicest and most patient gal in high school. I am opt to send her a private message worrying if how she will handle my reactions about her post. She's a dear friend indeed and my concern is pure. She's one of the people who treated me and teaching me to be a lady like. I remember the days that she was like my "mommy" at school. Glad that after our conversation at least I think, I made her felt a little better. I really hope so.

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