Optimus Black and 2x Lg's Pride

I 've never imagine that this amazing phone would come from LG. I can say that they are giving good competencies lately in our mobile phone industry, in terms of features of course. But following the thread of smartphones, I really never thought that having a dual core processor on a phone just like a high-end laptop or desktop computer would come from this brand and make this O2x gain a monster record in Guinness as "The First DualCore Smartphone".
Since cellphones has been introduced in the market, I always give an eye to the latest. But would anyone be contented by just merely seeing the phone in pictures or in videos? Maybe them but not me, LOL, so I try to sacrifice something or take a little from my savings to have it. In this way, I can compare and differentiate their peculiarity one from the other aside from the fact that I enjoy exploring their assets and flaws.
Once saw this LG Optimus 2X(O2x for short and that 2x stands for dual core processor I think), from a flyer while strolling in the mall with huny, got really amazed for its specs and features. I can't help but to stare every corner of the phone printed on the leaflet with 3D effect, looks really powerful and real smart.
After research and pondering on some instances(budget is the main of course) about this piece of technology, I finally decided to include it in our budget and get one sooner. I am patiently contenting myself with a low-end phone that I'm currently using  because I'm still undecided what model and brand to buy for, but not until now. I lined up many choices but this phone really rocks in terms of everything, and I mean "everything"!
I'll tell you the real score and probably you'll understand the pointers that makes a smartphone a genius phone ;


1.) Tegra2 chipset - a powerful dual-core ARM with 1Ghz speed, I really can't imagine that, plus the GeForce graphics(powered by NVIDIA) which is very familiar to me in terms of desktop and laptop computer with its stunning display, quality and performance especially in the world of gaming.

Benchmark Test sample via Quadrant(picked from YouTube)

2.) 4-inch IPS LCD(In-Plane Switching) capacitive touchscreen -super vibrant and crystal-like display, very nice colour, better viewing angles, battling with iPhone4's retina display and others' AMOLED/Super AMOLED display, I suggest you to have one and get ready to be stunned by this feature!

3.)Whooping 8megapixel camera and HD video recording - a digicam always ready on your hand or in your pocket, you'll surely don't miss any happy moments with you and with anyone else especially bloggers like us. Maybe it would have been much better if LG bundled it with a Xenon flash, that would create a perfect phone. haha, LOL, that's too much to ask for. Another thing is the super-cool 1080p/720p HD video recording. When we talk about 1080p/720p resolution it signifies high-definition television(HDTV) like 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio making a resolution of 1,920 pixels wide by 1,080 high, it's also tagged as FullHD, a really plus factor for the genius O2x.

Here's a sample pictures taken from O2x(courtesy of GSMArena) Click pictures to view its finest!

and here's the 1080p video pride of O2x(picked from YouTube)

at nightime(also from YouTube)

4. HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface) port - in line with the FullHD video recording feature, this is also one factor that this O2x has to boast off. It enables your device to connect to your PC, LCD monitor, TV or any device with compatible port, with  this you can watch movies, play games and manage datas on your O2x baby  in a high-definition way. :-)

This is a clear sample of how this HDMI port works(courtesy of PhoneArena)

5.) Threaded messaging - not all phones have this feature, just like having a continuous conversation(chatting) with your friend, no cuts, no interruption. You don't have to go back manually to inbox, outbox, sent items. This help lessen "out of this world" replies, wrong sent and frequently asked "hu u?!"(right?!). Whew, messaging made really easier.

6.) Android OS powered by Google - and lastly the very thing that this o2x made genius, the Android operating system. We can't deny that this OS is one of the most advanced as of today. With its very friendly user interface and market full of free and useful applications any phone can be genius, perfect pair with LG O2x making it real hardcore in the business.
found this pic through google search

*** OS highlights based on my Android experience(with HTC Wildfire);
- tethering mode - you can use your O2x as a modem to connect through the internet if you don't have ISPs at home or you can also pair this O2x to your laptop and connect anywhere, anytime.
- WI-FI hotspot - you can use your phone as a Wi-Fi router, share your internet connection to your friends and family. They can easily connect to your phone, enjoy Facebook, Twitter, or Blog together with the help of your genius O2x.
- Adobe flashplayer 10.+ support - flashplayer is very important when it comes to browsing and surfing the net. When you're on YouTube you need flash, when opening website with graphics you need flash, when playing games on your browser it also needs flash. So, see how important this thing is? I think apple iPhones and various models don't support this one, a very lucky O2x .
- open market - this thing killed the Nokia's ovi and Apple's store, android market is open-source and UNIX based, you can download applications and games for free, yes for free you heard it right, really a 10 times advantage.

By the way, Lg Optimus 2X comes with Android 2.2 Froyo and can be upgraded to 2.3 Gingerbread which can make your device more powerful. Nice deal, right?!

Here's the link (credits to the creator) for details if you want to learn more about Android OS;

 So, do you think I would regret this genius choice?!


How about it's pricing and value?! Actually, compared to the other high-end and latest phone out in the market today, this O2x is not too pricey or expensive rather, with its features and elegant design this would probably a good buy for everyone. And of course, everyone also has second choice in mind when all else fails, right?! So, if my budget won't allow me for that O2x, I'll surely choose it's brother, the LG Optimus Black. Same elegance, same feature, and same greatness from the same reliable brand (LG, of course). Just a very little drawback I noticed was it has 5megapixel camera compared to 8megapixel O2x has, but still competes with other rivalries. Not a dual-core one, but still runs on 1Ghz processor which is still an advantage compared to other smartphones. It also runs on Android 2.2 Froyo, still it makes a smartphone a "genius" phone.  One aspect this phone brags about is it's 4-inch NOVA display, clearest and brightest as stated by others, gives a natural experience reading your messages, emails and browsing the net. It may be also one of the thinnest phone out there today.

Lets take a last glance with "The Brothers" tag team in business and decide also for yourself.

photos courtesy of GSMArena 
Lg Optimus 2x (O2x)
Lg Optimus Black

Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit lgoptimus.ph for more information!

kikayFERRY  – (June 24, 2011 at 4:36 PM)  

isang malaking oppsss to ahh!!

>> congrats kha!! am happy for you!!!

kha  – (June 24, 2011 at 5:06 PM)  

uu nga ne eh..sana manalo..hehehe pabirthday kay LEx.. Ui lapit na din B-day mo!

Anonymous –   – (June 26, 2011 at 2:39 AM)  

nice one.. well presented. might buy this phone as well. thanks for the inputs

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