Huny as a Husband

We're not yet married but we were getting married this August. It's because before I met him and till we've been together I don't believe in marriage. Anyway everything changed now. We have been living together for 5 years. We always have our own place and provide for our own. It's like a life of a married couple but only the absence of the holy sacrament. So we considered each other husband and wife.
He's not an ideal husband if it talks about household chores. Don't get me wrong with this I love him to bits and will never stay that long with him and looking forward more years to stay together if I did not. I pertains to household chores. A lot that He Can't! His family was not that rich but he was treated differently. He was spoiled by his mom. That until today I can feel that too much favoritism in their house when it talks about him. That leads him not to learn household chores. Blame it to her mom alone.(hehe) First years together was the hard part. I had to teach him everything. I am person knows how to live alone. I was taught and trained by my mom. Not only me but all of us three, my brothers and me. Mom taught us to be independent whenever and wherever. Move on our own. Live to survive.Couple's meant to help each other. Through thick and thin. From easiest to hardest. Husband cannot help me at home. He can but I prefer not to.^_^ He will just going to mess things. hehehehe.. He is the best cause he will do everything to work and earn hard to provide for someone to help me or do the task instead. Impractical? that's what he is. Little by little living with us (mom's house) he learned a lot. Somehow he's open for  changes and learning..hehehehe.His eagerness to learn makes me love him much. 
Outside home he's the best. (bawi lol). He's a jealous hubby ever even until today that I am in my second trimester. It feels good because it makes me feel I am still the most beautiful though I gain weight and a lot of changes in my body due to pregnancy related reasons happened. Last night when were buying my milk and vitamins, somebody texted me. The number was not saved on my phone and the sender did not bother to introduce itself. It's just a simple "hi" and "how are you" message. Then he read it and ask me who was it. I said I don't know cause I really don't know who was it. He joked on me but not directly he just said that the pregnant lady has a textmate (may katextmate ang buntis). I laughed. I know it was a joke but that's how he is if he's jealous. Does it in a joke then later on keep on asking me who was it. The cashier even laughed and other customers. I supposed to feel ashamed but instead I felt proud. 
Lastly, I will never forget the day when he chose me instead of his dreams, wants,some of his important friends and his own mom. It's just a short period of time commotion but it really has a big impact and tattooed on my heart. He never failed to let me feel I am the most especial.
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kimmy  – (June 4, 2011 at 8:05 AM)  

that was a very nice post. i'm happy for you, two that you decided to get married. it just shows how much you love each other, 5 years of living together is not a joke, so maybe you really are meant to be..

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Mommy Liz  – (June 6, 2011 at 10:28 PM)  

this is one good entry Kha, well, meron talagang mga lalaki na walang alam sa household chores, and yep, I understand what you meant by, they will just mess things up. kaya you'd rather too it yourself. Oy, di mo ba alam na ang sexy ng mga buntis? Congratulations ha. Jealous pala ha, eh kasi nga naman baka meron ka pang secret admirer eh jontis ka na, hehehe.. Thanks for joining our meme..

Jona  – (June 8, 2011 at 3:08 PM)  

congratulations for the baby on the way! ansarap when your man makes you feel special noh...but i wonder how it feels if my hubby is jealous. never happened yet :D my CC this week

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