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Huny is the eldest among in their family. Since his dad died when he's still in high school, he has no choice but to help his mom raising his 4 more siblings. At first, being in a father position is way out of his views. For him it's not a responsibility. He can help but not devotes his life. Which I beg to disagree. We had both same pattern of life. Early as 11 years old my dad passed away.  My eldest brother which is only 16 years old was also forced to the reality that we need to help each other to survive. Not thinking twice or thrice he devoted his teenage life until he reached 28 helping mom and us raising each other. No regrets, all of us finished our studies. That's what I wanted him to adapt. His the eldest and though was asked or oblige, he need to learn to help his siblings. We lived together as early as 21 years old both of us and I don't wanna be blame by his siblings or even his mom that I stole him from them even if it is also his decision. A year being together and with my persuasion he learned helping his family. When the time he decided to help his family, blessings  overflowed to him. We live wealthier than ever while helping his sister send to college and other siblings to school. He asks his mom to quit working and focused guiding his teenage younger sister and brother. He provide a better than ever living for his family. I am still the apple of his eyes but I am much happier that he thinks of his family.
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kimmy  – (June 10, 2011 at 8:07 AM)  

wow! that was such a nice story.. yes, i do believe that we have to help our family and what you did was very nice, teaching him to help out his family was a very generous act..

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Mommy Liz  – (June 15, 2011 at 3:06 AM)  

That is nice of you to persuade him to help his family. Iba ang feeling di ba na nakakatulong siya sa family nya. Ako rin minsan ako pa nagsasabi sa asawa ko na bigyan naman ang family nya. I guess, your huny just got scared but with your guidance and support, he was able to figure out how to help them. You helped him open his eyes..

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