First Time A Father But Husband of Three and Father of 6

 With his first child (her sister's son)

Aside from being a father from his siblings, he is also a father to his nephews. Sadly but true. Oh just three siblings anymore because his youngest brother died last year due to gunshot wound. Going back, yes he is a father of three. While sending her younger sister to college,she engaged to unplanned/unexpected pregnancy. Huny was like in deep sorrow during that time when he found out that her sister is pregnant. His sister did not marry the guy and shockingly the guy was years younger to his sister so expect it to be shouldered by him. She and the scenario as well the reason why we planned only just this year of having our own baby.Not later than same year when her sister got pregnant, his younger brother's girlfriend also got pregnant. Another hit for him. His brother was only 18 and the girl was 25 years old that time. Older than the two of us. But he recuperates fast and seeing those things that happened as a blessing. That's what I love about him. He rarely speaks but took things positively.Again as the given situation it was then under his responsibility. But wait there's more ( sounds like selling hahaha) After the delivery of the first child of his brother not later than same year again the girlfriend got pregnant. ( and that did not make me smile promise! if I am going to discuss about this drama ha! it's never ending lol) He's solely responsible for two ladies and now three nephews. When it says responsible no matter how broad it is, that's it!
Now that we'll be having our own family, Huny is having a hard time saying goodbye to the one's used to be his "family" before.Not a hard time to himself but the hard time the "family". Not goodbye physically but goodbye to the responsibilities hopefully. Her sister already graduated from college and her boyfriend, the father of her child also living in their house and just recently have a work same as her sister. His brother already have a work and he thinks it's about time to call his family "HIS FAMILY". He gave her mom a fund for a small business to generate income to support for her youngest sister studies and her mom alone with her pension. He set all the things they needed  saying goodbye. But that truth that hurts is they were still not prepared and don't want to let go of Huny .
 As a first time dad to our own baby, I can say he seems to be perfect. I guess his patience and being responsible has been tested for years because of his family. Now that we're having our own it's a lot different. More special, more caring and more of a perfect he wishes it to be.  I need not to bother myself thinking how will it be for huny to be a father. Because I have seen it long time ago.

If got confuse of my title here it is:
He has three wives. Me, his sister (He stands as a husband), and his brother's girlfriend (still stands as a husband)
Father of 6
her sister, brother and youngest sister and three babies
Here's my melo-dramatic and a little bit of frustration share on today's couple's Corner
Couple's Corner

tejan  – (June 17, 2011 at 8:04 PM)  

hahahha..such a father:) you are very understanding wife I bet:)

mine is up..hope you can visit back!

Mommy Liz  – (June 22, 2011 at 10:15 PM)  

Alam mo, bilib ako sa asawa mo at sau na rin. He never got tired of taking care of his family. And he even takes care of the extension of their families. Parang movie na ah. But, what's important is, he is so responsible father to your own child. Your child is so blessed to have a great father. YOu too are so lucky for having him as your partner in life, you know that he will never abandon you and will cherish you both for the rest of his life.

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