Playing With Names

The day we found out that I am pregnant, we've been excited all the more each day passes. We always talks about the baby and the future. That includes his/her name. We're still unsure of the gender though I believe that at least we have a saved name for either a girl or boy baby. Huny kept on playing with our baby's name. First he told me he wanted it to be a superhero type, then his online game character. Now his thinking of a funny,cool name he reads on gadget forums. It's not that he's making funny of our baby just that he was still undecided. The very first serious name he provided to me when I ask him for a baby girls is SHENDELLEZARE. He had this feeling that he told me, we will be having a baby girl. I even joked at him that maybe it was her ex-crush or so. But he answered me it is also one of the toughest character in the computer game. I knew he was an addictive gamer, he loves computer games more than movies though he appreciates good movies. Then I even think that my cousin's son named after an another character also in computer game which is Kerrigan, Shamel and Azrael. Now the younger generation in our clan will be filled with online game characters?..huh. Shendellezare seemed good I guess. But mom has a different request, She wanted to have it a name or even a second name Denise. Now I need to consider mom's request and thinking of it that will be a long name and I even wanted to have a Khmer on my baby's name.Waaa how will I sum it all up and granted our wants?.. But as for today, I don't know why I am feeling that maybe it's a boy. Anyway I  always have bad intuition so the least that I as well will consider..hihihi

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