Missing Each Other Much

 We have been together for years, I wonder how  come we did not yet felt the feeling of boredom to each other. hahaha.. I am not wishing for it to come I am just wondering. Full straight three and a half years, literally everyday were together no missed. The first time we haven't been together was last April 2010 when his work demand for a travel to Cebu. It was the first time for three weeks away and we both feel sad about it. It even made him thought that he wanted to refused to his boss. But I disagreed to his idea. I explained that sooner or later we both need to hug changes in our living. It's not always about us. He gladly accepts and went to Cebu. But our communication was nonstop. We had text messages, ym or even skype and there were a lot of  times he called in a day. Expensive addiction (lol). 

Especially now when we found out I am pregnant he misses me more and more.He always wanted to be by my side.He wants to always come home here at Cavite. But it's impractical again and his health will be compromised. I strictly scheduled his day when to come home and stay at our apartment. Since he continued paying the apartment, he must took the advantage of it.It's not that I don't want him to be home I just don't want to compromise his health. His gaining too much weight but not healthy. That's because lack of enough rest from commuting 3-4 hours going home.But every time he comes home I felt a different happy feeling whenever his around. Maybe that's how we love each other much. ^_^..No sawa factor!

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