Honey Moon at CeBohol


It's confirmed and already booked! As usual mom gave us a gift early as yesterday. Thanks to Cebu Pacific promos.  I only wanted to visit back again  Mom's province but  because I need to follow norms, I cannot. We were getting married this 20th of August and feast on Samar will be on August 16.Folks said it is not good to travel that far before the wedding date because it is likely prone to accidents. As what they say. So instead mom ask me to booked her and her sister with the help of  my cousin Ate Joan who works at the said airline company whom give me tips regarding on discounts and booked for us sometimes.Gladly, or because she felt guilty (hihihi) mom volunteered to booked for us,Huny and me, since she have known that there is a promo for all domestic flights from June 1st to 3rd. 
Now we just need to finish fees obligations related to our upcoming wedding and after that we can enjoy mom's gift. Though by that time I am 7 months pregnant and honey moon will not be an exciting thingy (to others) anymore (but for us it is!! lol). Of all the destination we wanted to go together, first on our list was Cebu. It is because of huny's promised to his rector friend ands soon to be godfather Fr. Bubot that we will be visiting him there and the Rogationist College branch at Cebu, huny's alma mater. Looking forward for a happy and safe vacation. I am now much of excited for the honey moon than the wedding itself..hihihi.. 

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