Happy! Yipee !Yehey!

A title of a noon time show right?! It's actually an expression of gladness. The same way I felt when I received an email from Trixie of Nuffnang. I never expects, as what I have mentioned I am not fortunate in promotions/ contests. Thank God,  me with hubby and some friends can join in the first Nuffamily day! Though it has been cancelled because of the bad weather, I am still looking forward for this adventure re-scheduled on the 4th of June.
Currently a dear friend that going with me in this event facing a big problem. It was a good news for her when I told her that we belong to the list that we can join the family day. I feel great that I somehow cease what she's suffering by giving her this good news and including her to my list that I wanna be with. 
I am so excited for this day to come, to enjoy with friends and hubby. I wish there'll be no hassle came in the way for it be finally pushed through.
Once again thank you Nuffnang!

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