From time that I have known the CC's topics, I again became the super parrot to my huny. Asking a lot to him, talking to him that much. I have to do a recap of our past current and future observations to each other in a way he will not going to notice it before I post an entry at Couple's Corner.hihihi

I therefore can share here in my entry that I am more sensitive than him. He says before I am so particular with every details that making each word if we are having an argument a big deal.That happens in our first year together, adjustment period. I am sensitive when it comes to his families needs. I am not disagreeing but I am the one who wants most for him to give help if he can to his family.Because I know what they feel cause in our family my brother provided the most. And I see to him that what was my brother did to us, he must or nearly do to his family and I don't want his siblings to get jealous to me like what I felt to my brother's girlfriends.And maybe its my fault and the reason why now we are having a problem to his family being so dependent to him. That's the only thing he describe me from being a sensitive person.

On the otherhand I am having a hard time to define Huny when it comes to sensitivity. First sensitive, He was if  I can't text him half of the day. He was accusing me of forgetting him at one time while he can't forget me in a second. Then, his sensitive to my guy friends and peers. He will let me be with them but I must reply to him if he texted me. He will not get mad but not going to smile me back if I arrived home. He's sensitive if I feel like too lazy assisting him but I am physically and emotionally very well, just a lazy day.. I think he just wanted him to be always my center of attention. {Pam pam}lol.Next insensitive, he was an ultimate to people around. As long as he said he's not doing anything wrong he doesn't mind others .When we are having little fight, he was so careless ito me.He's an extreme. No moderate channel for him if it talks about sensitivity and insensitivity . It's been years since we fought a little about this kind of topic. Maybe were used to it, or we already adopted each others perception with regards to it that's why this is no longer an issue to us. 

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Mommy Liz  – (September 15, 2010 at 8:54 AM)  

It's the first years of being married that's kind of hard. Kasi you still have to know each other well. But as the years go by, you know each other inside out, then everything will come in natural d ba? Kung nuon eh super sensitive kayong pareho, nao overcome naman yan, kasi now sanay na kau sa isa't isa. Kami rin, bihira ng mag inarte, hahaha! may mga time na lang na nagkakaroon kami ng tampuhan due na rin sa minsan boring naman kung laging sweet, hehehe. I also have to text hubby once a day, kasi kapag hindi,pag uwi nya tatanungin nya why I didn't text him. Kaya minsan kahit itanong ko lang kung anong gusto nyang dinner, ni te text ko siya para masiyahan, hehehe..

Rossel  – (September 15, 2010 at 10:23 PM)  

palaging issue sa newly weds iyang sensitivity but as the year pass, nakakasanayan din ng ugali ng isa't-isa.

my entry is here, sis. happy CC!

Mel Cole of PA, USA  – (September 16, 2010 at 5:26 AM)  

Ang cute naman nang marriage nyo. Both of you will feel sensitive to each other coz of the Adjustment stage. We too felt that stage, dami pang disappointments, but in the end, we gather our thoughts and resolve that we still love each other. It should be, waaa! Demanding talaga ako. Marriage is demanding to both husband and wives.

chubskulit  – (September 17, 2010 at 2:55 AM)  

Para kang si hubs, sya nagtatanong sain if di ba kami magpapadala hehehe. Ako kasi ayokong mamihasa sakin ang family ko so pag di needed, I don't really send money.. Sa mama ko lang kami regular na ngapapadala, sa siblings, emergency lang.

Wifey10  – (September 17, 2010 at 6:22 PM)  

oi bait mu namn kha, that's good your husband must be so lucky! Ako pina pa intindi ko talaga sa asawa ko na my family needs me and obligasyon ko magpadala kasi as of now I'm the breadwinner..haay.Have a great weekend, hope you could visit my entry too =)

Soulful  – (September 17, 2010 at 8:39 PM)  

i find your post funny especially the 'not replying to text' part, rather.. it's kind of funny in a romantoc way. it just goes to show that romance in marriage never get lost through the years..

zoan  – (September 20, 2010 at 2:07 PM)  

sanayan lang yan:D kaya ako, dapat masanay na din LOL ehehee

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