Father of Three

I have been so supportive with Huny when it regards to his family. I understand  not having a father beside and how to be the eldest and being responsible to your family. I know if huny had a choice he wouldn't like it to be this way. But he had no choice. There comes a time that I am almost giving up supporting him for his family but at the end of the day I chose not to because I love him much and love his loves ones too.Recently Huny expressed how he wanted to be free from obligation and responsibility to his family. I know that it's just a thought of being tired of.No  matter how I wanted to shout hurray I, still prefer said no, it's not the right thing to do. It was still his family. He was too much fed up of his siblings. Taking good care of his mom and a little sister is not a burden to Huny and I ,myself was fine with it. But taking good care of his sister with a toddler without a husband and a brother with a wife and just gave birth and a 1 year old son, I understand making him feel surrendering. The thing that put his boiling point to it's peak was the attitude of her so called sister in law. I also complaint and not like that lady. When we were living at Taguig, we (with me) encourage his younger brother to live with us. For his brother to took up vocational coarse since we live next to TESDA main. We are unaware that he had this mate known trough text somewhere in Nuevea Ecija. He was being told by huny not to have girl friend first because he need to at least took the vocational coarse first. He did not listen instead brought the lady into our house were we live and introduced to us. In my surprise he introduced it to us with the girl's traveling bag along and said that only going to stay just for a night because she came from the province. They just met that day, huny's brother said they have known each other about a month or so through text and calling each other.A night stay became days, it's going to be 2 days, the girl uses my stuffs without asking  and  never managed to clean the dishes where she ate.I did not ask her to be our nanny but at least clean the things she used and never ever touch my personal stuffs. It was as if we have a child at home that upon me and huny arriving home from work I have to clean first before we have a sit. It made me talk to her when she left her undergarments at the john.Huny and I talked about how we both don't like what was happening to our home when she arrived. Got nothing to say about his brother as a matter of fact I want him to be with us, because he can do task that I sometimes forgot or i can't attend to. I told her she can't stay any more. Huny dislike what his brother did of bringing his "girl friend" and told to send back the lady and go back to Cavite with his mom instead.  Another revelation that shocked me the girl was 2 years older than me and huny yet she did not managed to thinks if she's doing the right thing. To make it short the girl never leave his brother. His brother is only 19 years old. Continuously sleeping with huny's brother lead her to get pregnant. She has a complicated pregnancy and Huny seems to be the father of it because he provides everything  up until the first child born. That was Huny's second child to his siblings. His first was with her sister whom she sent to college and stopped due to unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. The first son of Huny.He was that good provider giving her sister a second chance to finished in college. But as of today her sister don't have a job. Poor Huny ,he still alone financing his family. When we are both working my salary is for us and his salary is for them. Now that we have this business it is strictly for our future together.The third son just born this Friday night. With her ever beloved errr sister in law. He was complaining that pregnancy is about 9 months to saved for. But even a single cent his brother and the girl doesn't have any. Another thing to be mad of , it was only 1 year old their eldest but the girl  buy new stuffs for the baby and don't want to used stuff from their first baby. That left them unaided to her delivery.And of coarse to whom they going into.. It's Huny again his third son. I know he felt so fed up but he can't do anything. His mom going crazy asking for anybody's help  for his brother so  he prefer might as good as  to him than to others. He utters what will happen if we have our own family. I am not a nice person but I told him that blessed those who help and it was him. Don't give up for your family but set limitations, so that they will learn.

f e R r y j H o i  – (September 14, 2010 at 8:01 AM)  

correct kha!!! no your limitations... Kasi sometimes, kahit ang intention mo lang is to support them, ang resulta!! nagiging dependent sila!! Pigilan mo na yan!!! baka masanay!! kami ni popoy may issue ding ganyan!! pero Pag sinabi kong hindi!!! aba sympre oo sya!! haahah


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