Business Mess

Our internet connection has currently down. Yes it is! And it really make me feel irritated, knowing that our internet cafe supposedly runs with an internet. It was really a big mess in the business. And I want to cursed that internet company for not notifying us on such maintenance they were doing or so! They are these kind of people who knows great about timing! They did their maintenance on weekends wherein the time that it is the peak day for our consumers. We can understand if they only just notify us but we heard nothing from them. We have upgraded our connection to a business status to expect more and faster connection but here's what we've got. I don't think it is fair to pay higher and receive less on what we are going to pay. Their sales person, technician and staffs are good on marketing with us regarding on upgrading the connection but when it comes to troubleshooting no one answeres to whom its responsibility it is! I am so mad about this disturbance they made on the business. The connection have been disconnected for 2 days and 3 nights andthey offer us to file for a rebate that costs 54 pesos! Oh my God! Who on earth will smile hearing that! It doesn't even pay for our one day sales! how much more for 2 day sale and it was the peak of the week. It is so unprofessional to Digitel Philippines having or giving such a service! If only we have any other choice!

I am sorry for the memes I joined,Dear Meme Gods and Goddesses if I am not going to participate   because this trouble really p*** me off. I 'll be going to post a double topic next..

I write this posts renting to an internet shop. Yeah an internet owner rents to competitors, not to spy but longing for a connection. :(

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