Next Project

We already have established a business and next to our plan is setting our own abode.
We are simply making our dreams one by one to be in reality. As of the moment having a grand wedding is not yet on our list of priority. We know that it is the most awaited event for us. But we have talked about this thing.
Maybe if only Huny decides for it, for sure we have already been married before two years ago. It is my decision not to have a wedding first. Practicality strikes me. First, marrying cost much and it is an all out expenses.We can't ask back our guest to pay for attending our wedding .lol.Though how simple it is , it still cost to our savings and in marrying one of the benefit of it is our relationship is blessed by God and tied in people's eye.
But its is an all out expenses and it is impractical to marry before and afterwards we can't provide even for ourself. We don't want to be like others we knew  that after having a grand wedding then in despair paying debts. It's a one day expensive happiness. I am not an old fashion conservative type though in my opposite Huny is an ultimate one, but he's already persuaded by gorgeous

As what I am saying then,after the business  our next project is our dream abode. Along with it are the  furniture that we are going to fill in inside of it. We have been browsing the internet to check for different styles for our prospect. I can feel it, we can start this next project very soon. [cross fingers and finger toes =)] Now that we have a business, huny a stable job, and me in my future career, then were up to next project..

photos from Final Achitecture

If possible and as much as we can, we would like to be our abode looks like this one.

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