Familiar of monthsary? We have been together for long but we never failed to celebrate monthsary. Every 24th is our day of the month. Sometimes I did not post anymore not because its an ordinary day or an ordinary story to tell.I am just either busy or overwhelm of that every day that I forgot to do so or too much of happiness that I am then typeless lol.Posting it today does not mean then that I am not happy to be typeless, I am just a little bit surprise. It's been days that we haven't seen each other well. We did see each other but never got a quality time together. I've been so very busy accompanying, teaching and giving  instruction with his sister. Since he was an IT  help-desk analyst in a BPO company it's a forever graveyard shift that we also did not have time to sleep together at night unless it's his off. Unfortunately during his off that was also the time that I am busy the whole day and so exhausted and tired arriving late at home. Earlier he arrived from work that I am at the market to buy what will mom going to cook for lunch. I am not around that when I saw him on our shop checking computer if there will be problem. He just smiled  at me and continue checking each computer. After lunch time while we were still at the table with mom and my brother having few little conversation when he get the cake from the fridge (another usual thing hihihihi). The new thing that I am so tats was the cake with "I love you so much and I will marry you whether you like it or not".weee.. Also the thought that it was in front of my mom and my brother. Huny is a shy type guy and never it crossed my mind that he can do it. But yes he did!. Unfortunately my brother did not let me to take a picture of it, he was a voracious eater and doesn't want the message on the cake live for even a minute.
 Happy Monthsary Huny.. I love you tidbits :D

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