Strangers-Neighbors- Lovers

His Pics when we were still Strangers 

 I never imagine that my life will now be with a neighbor! I posted previously I hate my community before but here it goes my one true love  belongs in the community I never loved. I never believed in destiny but I guess that's what had happened.;D. 

We met in a party held at Tagaytay. It was their school college department acquaintance party and also a friend says that it was their post celebration of their birthdays as well.( July 8 is Dhan   and huny's b-day, and Jeff, their friend was July 12: party held July 21) I was invited by my childhood friend Dhan to come along and bring my friends into that party. Since I was working that time my first business process outsourcing job, I am used to be out of the house at night. It was an invitation from Dhan (so it was him who wanted to flirt with his former girlfriend Julie now wife! you're mom should not be blaming me.. It was you Dhan!you!you!) I should've had brought a group but plans didn't pursued the guys and gals supposed to be with me went to a bar instead of our first plan in Tagaytay. 

         My Neighbors

Still we went to Dhan's party unfortunately it was only me and my soul mate Julie. It just that I felt guilty if I am not attending to his invitation because it was his first invitation to me (before he was my crush..hahaha though Makati to Tagaytay was miles away pumayag pa rin ako!hehehe) and I only went there to say thanks somehow it doesn't seem that I rejected his invitation and go home early not intended to finished the event. Voila! We arrived and he introduced us to his friends.Lots a name I can't remember now.hihihi. In that party the guy who will caught really caught me was there.. I can still remember how I look at him(flirt me! :p). He was wearing black polo shirt opened with white sando inside complementing his fair complexion and a one sided hair waxed and a red kissable lips! When we were introduced everyone was there the girls and the guys approaching and welcoming us but he is the only one remains sitting at his chair just give us a little look. Neither he smiles nor nod! Really a Snob! When Dhan noticed that I look at him Dhan called him and introduced to us. Snob attacks! He came near say "oi" and told that excused him because he will be getting something somewhere. It was only seconds he stayed in front of me and Julie. Dhan apologized in his behalf and said that the snob was kind maybe etc etc. Yeah my planned went through, we went home early; early in the morning next day!We slept over to Danica's crib where we joined continues  celebrates.  Julie and Dhan enjoy each others company and as the party goes along the Nerve Snob becomes nice and chat with me.  I though that it was just that! After we left, we also left memories and a night of acquaintance. Julie and I have a lot of things and perception in common and we decided that's it! From Tagaytay we went home here in Cavite first before going back to Makati.  

        My Neighbor(friend @_@)

We stayed weekends here and in my surprise Sunday of that week when my mom ask me to buy something in the store he bump in the path walk unconsciously.  I was so surprised and a bit ashamed! Seeing Dhan is not impossible but seeing him around was a big no! I flirted to him. It's just a simple kiss on the lips that I explained a friendship goodbye kiss before we leave the place. I wanted to melt like a candle that time. How come he was here. I assume that he only stays at Dhan's  place like Julie does. But he said no! He was also living here! Now we were neighbors!

And the rest was lovers history he did courted me naman for over 2 months. Oh by the way he said we have also been classmates in summer classes held at Cannossa. He have some pictures of us in a group performers.(I don't even remember him!) Efforts he showed going to Makati where I stayed besides they were also two.Reasons also I never stayed at our place.I don't want to be our neighbors topic!  Dhan pursue courting Julie. Now we are lovers!

Our very first picture as lovers

Sherry  – (March 1, 2010 at 3:26 PM)  

I like the loving moments :)

Sherry  – (March 1, 2010 at 3:26 PM)  

thanks for come by name sherry yeah my sis alright but dad concern if she get internal injury.

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