If Only

 We went to Fr.B's mom wake last Saturday March 20, it was also the interment day.It was located at the Manila Memorial Park Paranaque at Funeraria Paz chapels. It was one of the appointments we've been that day. Fr. Bubot, I can say is Huny's best best friend. He really tell everything at him. [so huny is a kiss and tell type lol but it's ok he's a priest he can keep secrets hehehe] Everything happens to his life[his sins], our life together[our sins^_^], his family and almost all. It was  not a happy occasion we have had attended but seems every one in Fr. Bubot's family were happy to see Felix[or maybe to all interns as well].His siblings and friends. Fr. B mentioned that Hun is part of their family and really treated as one of them. The closeness and the treatment they showed to him was really flattering to see. They wanted to Huny and I[sabit lang talaga ko dahil kasama niya ko haha] stayed for long until the last mass before the interment at three in the afternoon but we can not due to Yek's graduation at four pm. We attended the mass held by Fr. Aldrin. It was a different feeling how I am so touched with the mass and stories about Nanay[ Fr. B's mom]. I never met her and by that time I told to myself that I wish I did. If only I'd say yes to Fr's invitation to accompany Huny every time he was invited to their house. I am not easily touched by those kind of moments especially if I did not personally knew the person. But I really don't know why I feel different. I took time to read  the big tarpaulin displayed at the chapel about Nanay's wonderful journey, words of wisdom and unforgettable days with her children. If only I could enumerate what I have read and stories have been shared to me about Nanay, you can also say if only you can meet her. Good bye Nanay as what Fr. Aldrin mentioned you've had or made your life meaningful for your family and people around you. You were one of a kind inspiration. There will be a chance to meet you in a better place. My prayers are with you.


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