I have babies!

Meet Irish the cat and Fritz..Fritz is my first baby..huny gave it to me on our last anniversary after we went to Tagaytay..a huggable with brown lovely eyes..he's like a baby boy..hihihi..love buying him shirts...on his lap its Irish, the 2nd one..our adopted kitten,unfortunately(cry) she was murdered..Hmpf..by a gay bwisita..she was soaked into a drum full of water lead her to death..huny and i really felt bad upon seeing her corpse.

and this is the youngest,chinky..a black monokoroo boo.. this is certainly a surprise from huny..I never asked nor let huny saw i was craving for this stuff,aside from its rare and if seen so expensive naman, i never asked him to buy me one..also due to practicality I guess..well..well..now i have it..and really love it..i don't want the pinkish pig..it's so common and can be seen everywhere..now i was saving for the white boo..i really want this stuffs..

Soon we're going to have a 4th baby..chie-chie..a puppy..so fat and lovely too.. i let mom first to take care of him until he was ready to be mine..hehehehe

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