I won!!

tired of doing household chores and in addition to it also painting my room..Mom told me to buy something for merienda..though tired and felt like wasted, still compose myself of going out..people in our place not seemed used of seeing me around... that's why almost everybody staring at me as I walk..as if I am not living my life at our place..as if i am a stranger..but on the second thought, i feel hot and pretty..hahahaa...(lakas!!) everyone and everybody stares at me PASSIONATELY and AMAZINGLY..Got confused first if I wore my bra(hehehe)(though I'm not used of loosing one even at bedtime)..If my hair was ridiculous and if i wore different pairs of slippers..if i have another nose..a third eye visibly.. a large ears or just that HOT...hehehehe...Well then that was i worried after,when arrived back at home... i never cared for them..their thoughts, what they say and their comments.. I don't mind them... perhaps only a familiar face I saw who stared me.. It's my dream!!.. to be stared by that person passionately and full of regrets loosing me!! hahaha I'm not after on a revenge but I feel Glorious Victory!!.. That person who hurts me most and leave me broken and scattered!.. I'm over him.. He was forgiven but not forgotten.. i don't know the relevance of it but i know I'm not a bitter one! I'm happy and thankful..He is one of the people whom thought me a lot in life..My soul mate Julie knew about it..and she also suggested the best song i would dedicate to that person..it's stronger by R.V...he was driving along with I guess his wife with, we're on opposite direction that leads our eyes met..and still i know the same person as before..what he express thru his eyes..and i stand proud not smiled at him but let him felt i ignore him..and I won!.. I know..and I feel it...actaully it's not the first time that i did it..the difference this time was I just let him feel I intended ignoring himmunlike before I am pretending that not seeing him..as often our paths met..

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