The best conversation of all times..

this picture taken last year December..same Christmas season.. as i can say last year was the toughest year passed in our life(me and huny)..we have been given so much trials and burden as well....but after all we've been through it and keeping the trust,support and love alive... i don't know what's within this season why we are always on rough road of our journey...This year we again had a lot of misunderstanding that lead us not to be together during our 28th month together which is also a Christmas makes me feel hurt a lot, thinking the whole day without him..i have post that i was thinking hilariously..recently our misunderstanding have been more deeper and complicated.. words said had been more hurtful unlike one surrenders, no one drops precious pride.. gladly at the end before our day officially ends he decided to fix it all.. forget and start again..let the hurtful words spoken vanished by ones forgiveness..(that's what he always taught to me)..we celebrate the eve together, with forgiveness in our hearts and love to each other.. last night we had a very very best conversation of all times.. we talked as if we never talked before..we talked like strangers..from the beginning of our life together until the present life we had and our future life together..we never had this kind of conversation..Huny always says yes, nod and just let me be the one to lead..his my good follower... but now he speaks, he ruled and he says what's on his mind..then award! our problems were now solved!...nothing best solution rather than a very best conversation..hehehe.. i love you huny..Happy Holidays!!..i will upload our latest pic if i got it from his phone..wink*

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