sometimes, shit happens..!

sometimes in a relationship, there came a point were you wanna release the rope that you're holding for so long.. not because that you wanna let go, its because of the pain that you are feeling while holding.. because of so much love and happiness that only he can bring, i always see myself running back where my heart belongs. love isn't enough to make the relationship work, there should be undertsanding, trust and love.

pag wala ang isa, it would'nt work out. there is no perfect relationship, and none of us is perfect. but we can improve ourselves, adjust to be a good couple, a better partner. dapat dalawa ang kikilos, hindi ang isa lang. i dont believe na nakasalalay sa babae yung isang relationship, coz i do believe that both of us will goin to work things out. kaya nga partners eh, kasi dalawa kame, tag-half kame, para maging whole. kasi hindi ibig sabihin na nag bf tayo or gf eh dapat nakasalalay na buong buhay natin sakanya, we have our own lives, our own dreams. jealousy has no room in a relationship, although hindi natin maiiwasan yun, we should trust our partners.. dont give up easily, sometimes mahirap maghanap ng taong dun mo mafi-feel yung overflowing love and happines sakanya. sabi nga dun sa forwarded quote sa text.. "no matter how fed up you are in a relationship, wag kagad makipag break"... but what if.. it's goin nowhere??? and all you did is not appreciated, that your losing yourself na.. na wala ka ng freedom? hanggang kailan......

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