2009 Resolution

have read on Happily ever after blog, she was asking an ideas about a resolution...well a s i was reading her post, i thought about mine..what was my new years resolution?..hmmm.. i often made that thing..most of the time if i decided this thing was my new years resolution but still i can't do it, follow it..it only giving me a hard time and guilt for myself..hehehe...but seriously now i have one..only one..due to the past arguments and conflicts with huny i promised myself to do this even if it's not a new year season..i promised to myself that as much as possible i will never get jealous..i was a victim of flirt ladies on my past relationship..no matter how my man was faithful but due to some instances which flirts made i was trapped in a situation wherein i was the one left out..i explained to Huny that he can't blame me if i haven't giving him my full trust though we were staying together that long..i was always worried.. he never stops explaining me that not all men are pigs..so far i can justify it with him but still i am afraid...My Huny is an irresistible guy,hardworking, handsome,gentleman,kind,polite etc..almost all of good traits wear by Huny..that's why i am a lot worried...i trusted him but not his environment..maybe its the resulted phobia due to my experiences...he told me just to trust him,that he is indeed a lot different from the others..from my past..haayy..it's really a hard thing for me but i have to take a risk,besides little by little he was proving his words..cross finger with prayers(lotS) i am now ready..

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