Waltermart Galore..

Happy Hearts Day everyone! Glad that constantly checking on blogs I found this page where it says free Waltermart movie pass!And so much happiness that I have read that the contest was extended!yey! I've got a lot of list recently that i love to watch into the big screen. Obviously I wanted to join Ms. Pehpot contest here! 

As one of the participants rules stated that just need to complete the phrases provided below:

At WalterMart, me and my love one can_____________________________. 

At WalterMart, me and my love one can make some stroll in here. Since my Huny was never been to this mall I will be so happy to introduce him the place and add on his first lists with me..hehehe. Fortunately if I will win in this contest it is a good thing that will serves to him by WalterMart as a warm welcome into the place by watching movies in an absolutely free of charge..hahaha. It will be a great post Valentines date for the two of us. Explore and Enjoy!

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