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A way too late posting for this months theme of GT . (hahabol ako ;D) Been busy in the past weeks and quite confuse as well but the topics presented by the author of Girl's Talk is more exciting than ever and I cannot let myself just miss this out. ( There will be no more exciting as to describes the person you fell in love with and spent the rest of your life ayt?)

My one true love is an absolutely opposite of me. He's a snob one. He's a playboy but in a silent mode. He's a silent lady and gay heart killer. lolz. He is a good buddy to everyone, as in everyone that was misinterpreted by some of HIS gal friends.

He was not used to stuffs that I am used too. He ain't like party,vices and drinking sessions that much. He is not a showy sweet type of guy, but he is sweet in his own ways. He's conservative. He was so maarte when it comes to traveling. He was so conscious about his hair. He hates crowded places.He loves food and vegies so much. He was also a superb techy guy from mobile phones to computers and laptops. Actually we (his best friends and I) most describe him as a mirror. Literally whoever he was with he easily adopts that persons personality with some restrictions of coarse. But what had happened with regards to our relationship, his preferences changes exclusively to me.That was him before we met . Some of those description above change some does not. His motto pertains to me was  "if he can't beat me,he will join me". And that was actually he was doing right now and then. He never contradicts what I wanted but support. His views change and try his very best to please me. In some ways I follow orders from him but most of the time he prefer my orders then (hehehe) I'm a brat. Except for the exes issue. He was a jealous lover of all times. I can set rules almost about everything but not when it comes or brought up exes. He was not under me but he allows me to decide almost everything because he knows and understand that I am more experienced in a real life situations than him after he stays almost half his life at  SABV .

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redamethyst  – (February 12, 2010 at 10:46 AM)  

Hi. late din ako. hehehe. super bait ng true love mo.

here's mine

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