My Life is Grand

love you hon and thanks so much..i am sooooo happy..a tiring, exhausting day yet so so so happy day... it supposed to be an escape gimik..hehehe it shouldn't be with my Hon.. well not totally an escape i guess, it's just that Huny have something to do in their house and can't spend weekend with me, But since Huny is addicted to me, least to think of his family(not my fault pls)... Bru and I spent the whole nigth talking about everything under our roof.. hehehe.. well it's a matured talk then, unlike before when i am having a chat with Bru seems i was looking back on my younger days to cope to her, But now, she definitely grown up.. she talk more sense and think more for her family.. that's how we spent the whole night waiting for the dawn.. funny when we were about to took a shower, that was the time we were then sleepy.. hahaha 5 minutes to go we were about to prepare.. As always Huny wake up late.. prepared to slow and walk too slow.. hayyy.. but i am used to it.. we attend the 7:30 am mass at St. Anthony's Boys Village, Fr. Carmelo acknowledge me and Bru and tell a ridiculous tragic story...about the five students victim of a vehicular accident... It's bru's first time on SABV but not me, different now is i am not alone fascinated and still at the place where Huny spent his 8 years of life..hehehe.. Fr. Carmelo invited us to join their breakfast but i don't know why huny and C2 refused.. but when Fr.B arrived from the mass outside SABV and ask nor commanded Felix to join breakfast no one says no..hahaha..

seems like new in the place, we've almost tried the best stuffs in there, one of those was the horseback riding.. we spent about an hour or two enjoying the adventure

so so so happy.. that's why seems so late updating my blog.. wish seems granted..although that late..hehehe..

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