story behind my silent deppression

March 29, 2008
Story Before my Graduation Day..

look at you dull headed Sharlette Romero

compare to me? huh! you are dreaming dear!!

I am born tough, kahit di ko na kaya, kelangan kaya pa rin... i hate awa..badly hate that thought.. i am in deeply hurt for all the trials had given.. i am different person.. i am unique.. after feeling that my life was really a grand here comes another revelation that really hurt me bad and fill my heart of anger... he actually let me believe that it was just a bitch chat mate, call mate.. never held her hand, never been together solely, but as i courted the bitch Sharlette Romero as Jasper Loem, she told me everything they (My hubby and the Bitch) had done.. now i know what was the "good things we have done"she's pertaining to into her flirty mails on my hubby... really got into trouble knowing that.. the moment we try to fix our problem the bitch Sharlette did on us i told huny that i will forget what had happen forgive him just tell me everything about it.. he really didn't tell any knowing that it's possible that i may know all of that shit because Sharlette is falling to Jasper(me).. well Sharlette really don't have brain.. sya mismo naglaglag ng sarili nia directly sa akin.. poor parents, they were upbringing a moron bitch.. lack of common sense and right feeling and attitude as well puro arte and gimik ang alam...also got the information that she was a professional cheater.. she really a terrible frustrated.. i understand cause she's not pretty, she had a good height but not a good posture,, a supposed to be nice skin but unmanageable and she wasn't even a fashionista..she's a certified fashion victim.. she's a dull headed bitch... compare urself dear..a terribly frustrated to have a boyfriend..don't ever imagine that you will gonna be loved by my huny... i set a date with the bitch as Jasper to meet her and confront her and also huny wanted to tell her how she was that front of me.. never told huny to say this or that but say the truth on her face.. meeting her is grand feeling.. devilish on's exactly what he told:

  • Hubby: hindi ko alam bakit andali mong maniwala
  • Hubby: maxado ka kasing malandi, kahit sino papatulan ka madali ka kasing makuha
  • Hubby: hindi ikaw ang tipo ng babaeng mamahalin ko
  • Hubby: asawa ko lang ang mamahalin ko, nagpatukso ko sayo dahil nga ang dali mong pasakayin
  • Hubby: pasensya kn kung pinaglaruan lang kita
  • Hubby: ikaw pa humahabol saken..
  • Sharlette Romero: Sorry po..
  • Me: Malandi k kasi
  • Me: bilang Jasper naramdaman ko na malandi ka talaga.
  • Me: naiintindihan ko na asawa ko kung bakit napilitan sya na patulan ka..
  • Sharlette: Sorry po..

.. i know i am mean but not that mean.. i was just hurt and wanted to get even,, aside from it i believe in Karma.. Wait for your turn, and hopefully makayanan mo not being one of the patients at Pavilion 35 of National Center for Mental Heath..
I am the most evil lady you've ever met, i maybe dying soon but never gonna forgive and forget what you have caused on me..i cursed you Sharlette Romero..

~mEow~ –   – (June 10, 2009 at 2:36 PM)  

haha..i remember those evil smiles of urs bru..scary..:p

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