He's really making up

Huny is really making up..that grand life and everything as follows, i am not that tough not to be touch by his acts.. he told me sincerely that he itself was traumatized on what he did, what he suffer upon doing such foolishness.. I'm not at the stage of believing everything came out of his mouth but i am in the process of learning to trust him little by little.. he told me rather proposed to me to get married next year at exactly our anniversary..a church wedding at Rogationist College with his Best friend Priest Father Mariano Rondael to conduct the ceremony also famously known as Father B. He wanted to settle down with me, and deeply promised not to see for any other girl but me..Haixx as I was planning to review for my Nursing Liscensure Exam at Baguio with Bru there such this feeling of worries he might be again did the same mistake, but i have no choice but to trust him,i told him once is enough, no two nor three.. he only got one last chance and it's over.. i felt it was all a mistake, devoting myself to one person i just thought felt the same to me..he said he do, but now i don't believe.. as of now i was just letting things pass by to forget and heal me.. i am a different person.. indeed i know how unique i was... i can be so much loved someone and i can cursed i hated much..i am an extreme when i was hit emotionally..things will go on its better way.. i am praying for..Huny keep doing everything to be forgiven, and i still love him so, i think i will never forget what had happen but i can put it aside to make everything alright..

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