Feb 24,2009 A Sinful Date

while waiting to Chin and Julie

Seems really sinful as it was started huh?.. it was just a unknown date.. A date with Chin and Julie.. it was also sinful cause we escape at our review class just to have a date! Haha mean of us(me and Bru).. Bru really wanted to be with Chin so she suggested that had a date with the mother and daughter.. we went to Mall of Asia and says to Julie that we will be waiting them there.. So adorable Chin was..

She always amazed us in her acts and words.. As if she wasn’t a 3 year old toddler but already a teen!..

after a happy tiring day, Huny joined us and surprised me with a customized flower he gave..(so sweet ^_^).. It is our 30th month together, tho lots of conflicts arises were still surviving and more and more holding each others hand and still whispering I Love you everyday, every night, every hour, every minute.. Exaggerated but true!.. he treat us at Yellow cab and enjoys with Chin’s own tricks and “pasaway” moves..

~mEow~ –   – (June 10, 2009 at 3:01 PM)  

date ulet nten cla chin nxt tym bru..:)

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