Feb 15,2009 Exploring Moments

Since huny grew up at Cavite and spend much of his adolescent stage at Tagaytay, he was unfamiliar of most places in manila. It happened from the start that I was huny’s map, guide and text alerts pertaining to his voyages at the city.. Actually the moment he was applying for his first serious job at Manila, I was accompanying him like a Grade-schooler .. hehehe.. I am the one orienting him of do’s and don’ts, and being alert all the time. It was far different from his hometown, in Manila you can’t trust anybody just as simple as that.. Huny have had a transaction with his buy and sell business at Greenhills, he told me to be with him cause he didn’t know how to go to that place.. of coarse I am always huny’s buddy.. from Cavite straight ahead to Ortigas.. he says he often heard the place but never got the chance of going there, and besides as he says he wanted to go to places on his first with me..( how sweet!) what a great transaction he had.. his Sony Ericsson K770i in a trade of a Compaq notebook..Whoa! Huny told it was a great transaction at all.. now we had our notebook at home and looking for visibility internet.. huny gave it to me so I wouldn’t be staying late outside in making my thesis.. last September 2007 he gave me a desktop computer at Cavite for the same reason, Now he was again giving me a notebook to use at our home for absolutely the same reason..I am really touched and love him more on his acts and thoughtfulness. How lucky I am having him ayt?..

After the transaction he ask me to cover up and celebrate again our ruined Valentines Last night.. we spent our dinner at Gerry’s Grill with a serenade of Panalangin( our Theme) song by the violin playing beside of our table..What a romantic dinner date with Huny.. I just leave him for about 5 minutes and when I went back to our table there it goes.. (speechless).. *wink* and that time was really a great pre Valentine date, I also ate the dish I was craving for all through the years..hahaha The Sinigang na Sugpo menu!..I have an allergy on shrimps in any size hehehe that’s why I am afraid of trying it outside cause my allergy will show off.. before having our dinner I took celestamine first to take action after I ate..hehe(bright me huh!)

shot while we were being serenade

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