Feb 14,2009 My Post Valentine Post

After huny met Patrick,, I was quit e surprise of what he proposes that night..(February 14,2009).. huny is a type of person whom hates crowd. He has agoraphobia. That’s why I am not really expecting he would invite me in the Lovapalooza event. This happens so often on his moods so I didn’t make any alibis just grab for the moment. Idea of being in the event makes me think of uncomfy thing.. First of all me and honey (actually I just adapted it from him) were not belong to the PDA (public display of affection) lovers association..hehehe We are both pro into a firm and proper acts especially in public and crowded venues.. showers of affection showing only at comfy places and comfy people with..like for an instance guys we were used to be.. gentleman acts and “tweetums” effect are enough.. but since it was my guru invited me, no rules and “kyeme” no more! besides it gives me also an excited feeling to be part of it.. here how the night goes… it was a surprised invitation so expect that I was late hehe..i am fond of cleaning and adding something to beautify our new home..Glad to share to all that we have what we can call our own home.. I admit I am an addict.. Addiction on my own home designing and arranging ruled based on my tastes..also an addition to my addiction was living nearby with my good old buddy Julie and our treasure Chesca..She was Julie’s daughter, a cool,so brainy,talented and pretty 3 year old kid..back to my valentine 09 story Huny just texted me to accompany him after office hours, he was used asking it on me and I found it sweet on him.. he never says anything just as I always know that since it was Saturday night we were about to went home at Cavite..because of too much hour of waiting and unfortunately I am out of load while he keeps reaching me but I’m in the middle of my way towards I can’t do any to reply on him ,he said he felt worried and thought hilarious things might happen to me..he get a cab and rushed unto our home only to found out,(I finally texted him) I am waiting at the office, he then rushed back and upon seeing me, he gave me a tight loving hug, for as I don’t know what was that for..hehe(CLUELESS)..thereafter, he said such exact phrases he did “ huny lets be with the Lovapalooza”..then I say first do you can? Then in a blink without hearing his answer on my first ques I saylet’s go!!that was a zoom shifting!hahaha..

we were both starving so we first ate our dinner..and it is at Max moa!..

we have been staring for our meal for about 30 minutes..grrr

hmmm we chose Max coz we really love their chicken plus the caramel bars(hehehe).. but unfortunately their service wasn’t that good, many consumers got mad on them and we are one of those.. There was no organized and proper service. It was really a bad experience on that restaurant. We enter the place at 9 pm and our meal served at 10 pm not a complete meal yet, they don’t even bother to give us our drinks nor water! Then drinks were served at 10:30 pm.. that was my worst experience in a resto!.. I am really mad about it and becoz of the delayed, the lovapalooza event were finished same after we finished our dinner.. too bad cause honey bought tickets for the event.. first it’s useless then the money spent for the tickets quiet regretting..

hay huny and I decided to cursed that Max MOA for ruining our night,,Valentines Night.


seems it was a left over meal..

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