Tears of Joy.. For Real?!!

I am not an emotional type. Or rather I am but never shown my emotion to others or even to the closest person. I am tough. Hubby rarely sees me cry. As much as I control my emotion not to cry. I sometimes think I am a real guy. That crying is a sign of weakness for me to describe. That's why I experience tears of joy/overwhelming once. Last valentines day was my first experienced of it. I was amazed that it can happen to me to cry a river because of happiness. After that cheesy valentine, I never experienced it again. Even after I gave birth. Or should I say I am just tired of the process am gone through and got no chance to emote. I am happy, extremely happy for her arrival. But wait there's more... Here's the main character of my post.. The father. Hubby. As the nurse in the nursery showed them our angel, unconsciously a tear fell. He don't want it to be obvious cause he's with my mom and tried to wiped it away but it was then seen by mom. And as a secretive and private person I thought he will not tell it to anyone. Surprisingly as I borrowed his phone after 48 hours, when I try to clear his sent items, accidentally I read his messages to his boss and our godparent priest sharing his feeling. 
hindi ko po napigilang maiyak faths nung nakita ko yung baby ko. ganun pala yun. I'm so very happy
Funny. I found it funny because I am not used to it that he will react that way and even told it to somebody but touching. I can feel how much he loves our princess. Every night though how dead tired he is, he still have time and energy to take care of his little girl. Lucky my princess right. 

rona  – (December 28, 2011 at 12:20 AM)  

Wow naman Kha! Natouch din ako sa kwento mo. Biruin mo napaluha talaga ang asawa mo nang makita si Baby? I love that. Kakatouch, I promise.

Ang cute ng inaanak ko!

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