I Cried A Lot Last Valentine

That title is really true! I cried a lot last heart's day! Technically it's already 15th of February. I came from Cavite since every weekend I am coming home to look for mom, the business and other errands. Huny texted me first minute of the valentine's day. He greeted me and say sweet words and an "I love you" to end the message. By then I am currently with Tata having a drinking session because it her late husband year internment every V day. I disregard the message and didn't even try to respond back. Morning when I wake up Huny again texted me greeting again but a different message this time. He texted me "saan mo ko treat? V day ngayon..hehehehe" (where are you going to treat me? It's Valentines Day today). I am then at work and replied "wow ha! sige ok lang daanan mo ko dito sa office dinner tayo p.s kahit letter lang masaya na ko mahiya ka lang sken wuahahahaha"(Whoa! okay pick me up here at my office then we will be having a dinner date p.s an effort for a letter will be fine for me hahahaha..)
As usual he didn't replied! Then he picked me up and had a dinner date at KFC in front of my office. Then he go to work after sending me to the terminal to our way home. 
Arrived home at 1 am. I am afraid when putting up keys cause I heard sounds. I knew that we were shutting down the breaker before any of us leaves home. Finally I opened the door with wet shaking hands. Then sounds become clear, it was our themesong "Panalangin" by Apo Hiking Society palying as background. Near the door before I lock I saw a small bear sitting.
It has a letter that says "Marry me na please!" Turning to the table I saw a heart chocolate cake  with our very first picture together, a flower petals in a metal cage like  and again a letter. 
 I hurriedly called him while crying. I was so touched. Really with presence of background music I cried much!.. Blaming him why he didn't tell me about something at home. He just answered me "I love you Huny". I thought that's all.

When I entered the room, I was about to get my pajamas, I saw this rose. Again I am so overwhelmed. I felt that its too much. I only ask for a letter. I have a lot now!
I planned to call him again after  I changed to my pajamas. When I entered the comfort room somethings waiting for me. I can't take it anymore I am too much full of love,amazement, surprised. I now then have a cold because of all these. 
This really made me again cry a river. I was then compiling all the surprise in the table and decided to take rest. I was then fixing the bed and about to text when I felt this hard thing under the pillow.

I said to myself this is too much I need to call him again for second time. My speech of thanks to him. This made my Valentines more more special. With colds and swollen eyes on work day after .

This how my Heart's Day this year!

Genejosh  – (February 20, 2011 at 5:25 PM)  

wow sis graveh nakakakilig!!! so sweet ng huny mo..you're one blessed lady:)

kha  – (February 20, 2011 at 7:11 PM)  

thanks sis..nagulat nga ako ei.hihi xempre kinilig ang lola mo..hehehe

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