Talked with the Emotional Guy

Last night was a great night. After spending our time together exploring the vicinity of our new place, we cooked and dine without hurrying up. It's his rest day and I am on a morning shift and we had the best quality time. While we're eating it became a conversational open forum. From the very beginning of our relationship, the rough roads and the achievements together up until today. That was our topic. It made me feel so much loved when Huny became emotional much. Most of the time I am the one whom was emotional if it's about us but after one unexpected scene in our life, up until this moment I haven't cried. Or maybe after that one big fight three years ago, we never fight at  all. Just found out that until today he have that huge guilt and regret in his self committing such a mistake. He love me much. Much as I expected. He cried much. The last time I saw him cried was when his brother  murdered. But his emotions last night is somehow different than mourning. His becoming emotional everyday. It is a very rare moments that we had this kind of conversation that were not even drunk a little bit of alcohol or done from a hot

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