If Only I can, I Will

I promised hubby he will be back to school supposedly this year. It was to lather and get different certificates on programs relating to information technology. It is not a literal school schedule with units and etcetera only a specific programs and trainings. Since we got married, now having baby, plans were set aside. Those kind of certifications is not a joke at its expense. It actually cost huge to our budget. It's like taking a master degree. I know he still wanted to pursue that career though he's not bringing it up recently. Hubby is the eldest son, a father almost who has all the responsibility. Too bad to think though his siblings has family now, we still need to consider them, his mom and younger sister solely his (and now us) responsibility. As a wife, I know I need to accept those unacceptable truth. We are Filipino!Culture and beliefs! Though how I wanted to support hubby to his dream, he always said we still have priorities. I don't even want to be back on my field as a nurse for I know and aware that I will not be compensated well and that fact will not going to help us. I am then setting my plans to be back on a BPO industry after giving birth. Though we have a small business that can accommodate our everyday needs, seems it was still not enough as I have mentioned hubby has an never ending responsibility. The only thing that we see possibilities if we will both work and that's the time he can study. I know how hard for it to hubby but he never shows it. He just laugh at it, sometimes includes in his corny jokes but I can feel his eagerness to have trainings done. If fortunately we will be blessed so much next year, I want to give hubby what he's dreaming for. Cross fingers with prayers. I know we can!

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