Sixty Three

It's our 63rd month being together. I never get tired of remembering from the very first day.. The day I told myself  "by hook or by crook he will be the one for me". The day you snob and just nod on me made me felt more challenged. hahaha. I never regrets those times I felt like giving up but gladly I didn't because of you being so childish, to your unintentional but extremely annoying flaw, slow and lack of priorities. 
Things has a lot different from then. You have changed a lot. Actually we both did.  I learned to love and accept all your best,flaws and even shortcomings. That's how our relationship works. Though how ultimately opposite we are from the very beginning of our cool love story, no one thought we will gonna make it last but we did and finally say our vows. Like any other love story, ours is not always a bed of roses. I wanna thank you for being cool in times like I m freaking mad at you. You still managed to make me smile though I've reached my boiling point. Maybe I just love you that much that though I am extremely mad it will easily fades with you making fun of our problems. Now we are a family. You still have those cliches that I am complaining but that didn't make me love you less. I appreciate you more being a loving daddy to Lyxn. More loving husband to me. Good provider than ever. I am thankful for everyday that you were showering us your love. For signing a contract of full time daddy and a husband. :)).    
Thank you for making me a person that I am today. Your love made me  a better person, better than before we met sixty three months ago.

Happy Sixty Three Huny/Dad. I love you much.

kimmy  – (December 3, 2011 at 12:03 AM)  

that was so sweet! happy anniversary to you and to your loved one!

ferry'zWILL  – (December 14, 2011 at 5:55 PM)  

haha :) happy happy!!!

>> stay inlove!! mwahness to both of you

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