3 Girls in a Row

Three girls in a row. That's the prediction to us of a family friend healer. Most of her prediction to our family happened and proven from 13 years ago till today. And because of that I do believe in her.  
That prediction having three girls in a row made hubby more excited. And also because of that thought as early as today he decided not to hand down the baby rocker, stroller and other stuff of our two month old baby to her sister that having a girl in March. Silly hubby but I disagree. Those stuff should be use since I am (alone) wanted to have the next baby three years from now. As he explained that next year I will be again in the delivery room and the next year and next to that year and to the next and last year I am going to give birth to our children. Imagine my hubby wants me to die (kidding). If we will be having three girls in a row for real so we will end up having five kids. I know the economy is not so friendly as for today and we need to be practical and plan our children's future. Anyway this is just a plan that I considered a very blurred one. Most of our plans were concrete and just waiting for the right time to be done but for this one a blurry side which also depends on what we were experiencing as of the present time.So let's wait and see what's waiting for the future :)

Ferry Joy  – (March 9, 2012 at 4:02 PM)  

gusto ko din pumunta sa kanya! hehehe

Kamusta kanaba?
galaw galawa kha!!!

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