Easter/Feast/Monthsary yey♥!

It's Easter day at the same time it's our place feast day today! Among those occasion, we celebrated the day today much happy because it's our couple's day.

First minute of the day he texted me since he was in the office eve of our day. He bombarded me messages, sweet messages. It doesn't affect my sleep since I left my phone unconsciously in the dining. I just read it around 3 am when I need to pee and notice that it has some lights on the dining table. There with half opened eyes I try to read each messages. I never had the chance to reply back since I am still sleepy and just want to empty my bladder. Five thirty in the morning mom and I preparing for an early mass. Again I failed to response to his messages and didn't bother to greet and send even a short message. By Eight o'clock I know it's his logged out time best chance to call him and am also done partially to the task that I need to finish..I just told him simple "HI" and "TAKE CARE". I know he's then wondering and seems his voice was so low with a deep emotion, before he hung up the phone I told him I love him to bits, read his messages and so touched for what he texted. After few lines I felt the sudden emotion/voice transformation. Sometimes it's good to surprise him by some little and not so obvious ways. 
I know how the way he knows me. IMPULSIVE;REACTIVE ETC. With the way  I react to his messages I know and expect that he will ask me what is the problem once he arrived home. Apparently I already responded and got the message but he still he ask over the phone, Why did I reacted so late if "THERE'S ANY PROBLEM?". Hehehe, I knew it.. He will ask.

Nothing Huny!  I just want to surprise you. You know how much I controlled myself not to reacts onset that I read your message. It's just like somehow I like it when you're wondering. ^_^

Happy Months with you.. I love you so much!

ferry'zHOME  – (May 17, 2011 at 5:47 PM)  

nice kha!!!ganda ganda nito!! another obra naman yan!!!

Yung wordpress ko din kasi gawin na natin!!! tsige na!!

>> hihi

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