Sorry is Not Enough

I am absent last meme due to my forgotten scheduled vacation. So I am doing this post now 2 in one. hihihi [pamabawi to kay Mommy Liz (= ]

When I want something topic:
I am not atypical one who likes a lot of material things,I am not a fashionista type who always wanted to be in style. I am not even vain. I am contented of things that I have as long it is in good condition and still functional.If I am asking for  something for sure it wasn't for me then. Those things that I cannot buy by myself or really needing his help to purchased it. I always wanted to buy stuffs for him and for my family. II love surprising my beloved ones. If I wanted something for me I will not ask him to buy me one. I'll wait when I can buy it, it will remain on my wish list. And that's  the reason why I  always wanted to be working and earning on my own. I am a frugal type either for me or for the others if it is my own earnings. I am not a thrift one when it comes to them but to myself sometimes  I did. I only not thrift myself when it comes to food and travel..hehehe. And what do I did when I need something, hmmm I ask him on a flirty way that I want to owe and I pay it later [big grin]. Voila I can get what I wanted and he will give it wholeheartedly and so excited. hahaha..

When Simple Sorry is Not Enough:
For the years we've been together, it is so often that we have fought. We only have few ones but it was a great and big ones. And we never let it happen next. There will be no next big fight as we promised. I often get mad but if I did it burst like an erupting volcano and he's afraid of of me being that way.  And if we are both mad we never spoke to each other. We let first our feelings subside before we talk about the matter. We both believe that a person can never understand any explanation if he's extra mad because his or her mind is closed to a one conclusion that was already formulated on his/her head and you can never make him/her believe to anything you were going to say. One good comparison we  believe when it comes to relationship even before we met. That simple sorry not enough story applies years ago. When he was chatting with I said to him a good friend and knows a lot of stuffs that I denied . hahaha I told I am mean and I am a liar lol. A simple sorry is not enough to him because I lied a lot.. And I know it is my fault, but got no longer patience to explain every detail. I just said I am sorry and if he cannot forgive then we have to end this up. I am brave right hahaha because I know he loves me that  But that was too childish if I apply as of today.Things are far different from before. If unfortunately a one big fight happens again and a simple sorry is not enough I'll just give him enough time and space and a kiss and make -up after wards..(=

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Rossel  – (August 25, 2010 at 5:15 PM)  

letting your feelings subside before talking things over is a sign of maturity. happy cc!

chubskulit  – (August 26, 2010 at 5:21 AM)  

I so agree with you Kha, pagka galit ako, I don't want to talk about it because I would just cry and run my mouth so I better just be in silent heheheh..

niko  – (August 26, 2010 at 10:40 PM)  

hahha pareho tau sa part na pag galit i wont talk.

when u want something u do the flirting :D ganyan din ako bwahhah

musta na ang new baby mo??

Mommy Liz  – (August 31, 2010 at 12:51 AM)  

Rodney knows when I am mad, kasi di ako kumikibo, at ayaw kong kumibo kasi ayaw kong umiyak, dahil kapag umiyak ako, bangenge na ako magsalit, at di na niya maiintindihan, hehe..kaya medyo i subside muna ang galit, saka bumuga ng apoy, hehehe..

Pareho pala tayo, kapag may gusto para sa sarili natin, we would ask in a way na hidi mahihindian, oh di ba??

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