Res Ipsa Loquitor

-Res ipsa loquitor literally means the thing speaks for itself.

For today's theme at couple's corner, this blog speaks for itself. Tells about opposite? Well this blog made especially differentiates our differences.Isn't it obvious on my header?lol. If I had to differ everything were unlikely it will took me a week or so. Let me share the first thing pops up on my mind while writing this entry.

He likes sweet and sour combination, while I only like one flavor at a time. I love sweets but he did not. He can't stand on eating only sweets while I can live for that. He loves vegies while I totally hate since birth. 

He's not a party animal while I For me and my group of friends party is getting some alcohol.On his part, party is socializing, fine dining and sharing stories.  

Am nurse and expects to be a little hard on my part when it talks about Huny is good in math.He loves equation, formulas etc.

He wanted me to wear conservative-looks while I like daring hahaha. 

As much as I wanted to travel the world, Huny doesn't like the idea of it.He wanted only to be in one place, relax and with a laptop or a computer, or just with an electronic gadget will do. He hates strolling while I am used and loving it.

Being Quite
Huny can make it not to talk for an hour or so, but me? expect not my forte hahaha. I can't stand not saying my thoughts, that's why I have a blog. Years ago when idle days strikes and boredom I made my personal blog to share thoughts, feelings and all about me.Kinda selfish blog of mine lol.

Being Vain 
He has a regular schedule of  facial,foot spa and massage.While I never loved facial(it hurts),foot spa (I can managed thriftily :D) massage oh well I just need a rest.

Whoa! got to stop in here,I guess I have shared a lot. Well those differences have been factors that keeping our love burning. Not literally accepting but  to complement for such opposites on how we will live with our life happily and contented together and not changing each other wholly.
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Rodliz’s Nest

Mommy Liz  – (August 6, 2010 at 2:41 AM)  

Wow! I cannot believe that the topic of this week's meme matched the title of your blog. Opposite attracts eka nila, and I believe in that. your hubby and mine will share sweet and sour food, hehehe, and I don't like that either. I can tolerate a little if I didn't have any choice, but I'd rather eat bagoong with nilagang talong, hahaha! Hubby is not a party -goer either, ay ano ba yan, ang dami namang similarities ng mga hubbies natin, kaya lang, don't they sound boring????hehehe. minsan nga naiisip ko, bakit ang asawa ko ganito, but despite the fact na minsan eh boring siya, of course, loves ko pa rin di ba?

kha  – (August 6, 2010 at 11:27 AM)  

hahaha uu nga mommy Liz ang boring at yung kaboringan na yun ang ngpapatindi ng love naten sa kanila hahahahaha tnx sa pagdaan di ako makapagblog hop sa iba kasi ng gagamot pa ang pc ko sa virus hhehe

Rossel  – (August 10, 2010 at 4:47 PM)  

sa header pa lang ay kitang-kita ng opposite kayo. but despite your differences e you ove each other very much and iyon ang importante. your differences are what giving spice to your marriage.

btw, i am now following your site.

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