When We Were Sick

Super habol ito! hihihi.. First time to joined the CC.

Though I am not into healthy foods am glad that I am not a sickly person. If ever I may be that requires hospitalization. Simple coughs and colds were nothing. Neither headaches or dysmenorrhea is tolerable or should I say I can manage those. But if I want to get sick (lazy mood attacks) I am sick.hehehe  From that naughtiness of mine,  I can feel his overflowing love,care an concern. He's incomplete if I can't move. But as much as he wanted not to give me worries if I am not feeling good, he tries his best not to bother me and give me enough rest.He's not a homebody guy. I can't rely on him on home tasks. Only thing he can do inside our home are washing dishes and the broom master that's all. He can't cook but he can order hahaha. I received a meal in bed,breakfast,lunch dinner, if I am playing sick. And he leaves work just to be with the playing sick me. Often times I can only do these if I just felt burned into my activities. But as much as I prefer I don't want to be sick, cause I don't want him to mess everything in the house. hahaha

On his turn, if he's sick, he never say anything. Not even saying that he feels bad. I can only sense that he is, if his moves were limited. If he keep on asking favor.  Since I am his nurse he don't want any symptoms to share on me or even let me sees it. He diverts my attention into other things. His afraid of medications. I don't love kitchen that much but I know how to prepare his favorites if he's sick. In this way, though he has an affected immune system, he can easily recuperate for his appetite will be normal. It was not through order ha, I cooks for him.

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Mommy Liz  – (July 20, 2010 at 10:09 PM)  

I wonder if I can pretend to be sick, with 6 kids during summer, there is really no way I can get away with that. Hehehe! Our men can be super attentive and super thoughtful when we are sick, but take note, not all men can be sweet. There are some that don't care really. We're lucky to have found someone that are willing to cook and mess up the kitchen just to make us good meal. Then, we would just have to clean up as soon as we feel better. Hehehe! Thanks for joining us this week and I am hoping that you can join us every week. rodLiz

kha  – (July 20, 2010 at 11:16 PM)  

apir! correct ka jan Mommy Liz.. Yes I will be a regular participant of CC and here will be my home for that..Especially for you..Naks! hahaha

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