The Lady

I was raised in a family wherein I am taught or rather trained to be tough. A not so feme. All my life I am surrounded by males. Of coarse I have a mother whom also a not feme. I never knew cosmetics, kikay stuffs, flower as a sweet thought but instead just my mom's plants. I am not into shopping. Uncomfortable to heels and irritated to make up brushes. I only use comb to fix my hair twice in a day. First, when I woke up and second after bathe. The rest of the day I am not acquainted to Mr.Comb just barely my fingers will do. I prefer sneakers, dirty sneakers than heels. I was influenced by the guys around me. My cousins and my brothers. I love black. It sometimes went to the point that mom keep on hiding my shirts because she wanted me to try different color. I only prefer tee. Included in here was the attitude I have. Being a cowgirl in every (associate with the cowboy hahaha). At first I have to be but latter being with my cousins on gigs it becomes to be me. 
I love adventures. Life risky activities and almost everything a guy would like to.
Life was not to kind unto my side. I have used in an early time my parents preparation of me being tough. I am so thankful to them I was raised by the way I am. I know sometimes that I doubted myself. If what am I? But my environment though not so good but helped me to resolve issues within me. No doubt I am a female. Though not by appearance but in heart and mind.  

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