The Guy

The guy was the oldest son but not as responsible enough to think of. He was raised by heis grandparents. Knowing grandparents maybe not all but most of them raised grandchildren to be a brat. On my own perception maybe they just want to let grandchild feels that they were really important and so loved by lolo's and lola's by giving the kids everything and anything they wanted(that sometimes not brought anything good later on).That was how this guy was raised. He was weak. He's a dependent one.He can't consider himself a responsible eldest brother because he knows himself. No doubt when it come to his academics he was great, doing almost perfect but in life's decision making he was poor on it. He looks life as an easy roller coaster ride. Not taking too much pressure and seriously on it because he have people around him that he is aware he can count on and never leaves him if he's in need. 

This guy is a vain one. The lady encountered her first facial treatment with the idea of the guy. First foot spa and entering a cosmetic boutique (HBC) . When he wears a shirt it should be neat and without lines. When he was traveling he prefers air condition than regular one. He don't want his hair to be messed up before arriving to a place. He first look at the comfort room upon entering any establishment to look for himself in front of the mirror. He can't be fix in one position if he knows he have some pimple or even a little arising one. He immediately looks for a lotion if he feels if he's hand was dry. He was that vain! Perhaps I never doubted he's a gay. Because he was absolutely not! :p  

Most of all these, he prefers a firm and proper and conservative woman.. (which will never be me ever! hahaha)

feRry jHoi ^.^  – (July 20, 2010 at 11:02 AM)  

haha, I so love this site kha...

At talagang nag pa facial ka dahil kay Lhekz...

Add you kha... please add my domain blog ka...


kha  – (July 20, 2010 at 2:06 PM)  

tnx ne.. wala ko choice date yun kesa maghintay ako ng matagal.. ayun ung una iyak tawa ko sa sakit.. nice nhe my own domain ka na..congrats.. :D

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