Attracts @ 47 times

Today is our 47th months together. It only seems like yesterday that our paths met but counting the days now, can't believe we've gone this far and will continuously be. As I remember before on my early posts when I was starting to blog, full of comments at my home blog, negative reaction and wanting to give up on what we have. Being too ultimately opposite took us a lot for patience, understanding and adjustment spents to stay together and keep the love sizzling hot. Today we knew very much each other, we knew every little details of both our needs and desires. We are growing together. I so love the feeling.. Still we can't deny the fact that there still the differences and still differences but the thing now is we know how to deal with it. With passion, with tenderness and with L-O-V-E.

Happy 47th month with you Huny.. I'm so blessed and showered for your love and most especially thank you for the pouring love.

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