A letter for You

I am so blessed having you.. We've been staying and keeping our love alive and burning for that long, though we had so many hardships. here we are holding each others hand.. Making a choice that we know we will never regret for the rest of our life..Life is a matter of choice, I myself does not believe in destiny either..As we were analyzing things between us, we were absolutely opposite for so many ways yet we chose to be together you said you are happy and contented and I can feel it too.. For the years of being together we both feel we grow to a much more acceptable traits and behavior, we especially value both of our personal growth. We promise both that our relationship would never ever be a hindrance for us to grow but instead it would be the best component that we have to use then.. Thanks for growing little by little as a matured man. Thanks for changing though it took that slow. I am indeed happy for the changes,you said we are not changing for each other but changing for our ownselves for our own sake..Happy birthday and I am so happy that I was the one you chose to be with celebrating your special day..

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