Happy Birthday Hon..

Earlier before the month of July came I've been this freak of planning whatever or anything I can do to make this perfect birthday present for my hon..And as time goes it led me to one great gift(i guess)lol..Since I am now working and earning enough either good for me, for us whatever.. I must have some bonanza gift package for my hon. I know I always surprise hon as his and ours special day comes, but this time I want it to be more unforgettable for him..I am not the type of person whom everybody loves(a sweet person), I am even numb and most known for being mean, and I don't know why I am fond of surprising my honey..(Is it because I am so much in love?)*wink... well then nobody can stop me pampering my honey.. Few people knows I love to pamper myloved ones..hahaha(though it didn't shows on me..)well then this post is for the birthday.. Grande I treat my hon to a sneak tour at city of Pines.. It was hon's first time to that particular city and again and again I am his first time for this..(i am taking down tracks of Honey's first times with me)..So happened that it was July 4th( Happy July 4th Dear Clients..hahaha) that's why we don't have a scheduled for work for that day and good thing Hon's Boss decided not to avail their office that same saturday..and it was a good chance to sneak out and celebrates my hon's special day.. I have already mentioned him about my plan and he did not taking it seriously that's why he's kinda surprise when I came at home and says "hon pack-up were leaving to celebrate your birthday".. Knowing that my guys is born a turtle(too slow) it took me six hours to wait for him to prepare, well then enough for me to have some rest after graveyard shift work..

Finally we left home at exactly 2 in the afternoon. Part of our hobby, full stomach with snacks and never letting bus vendors leaving nothing ..hahaha then our journey starts.. we've been together for so long, I 'm just wandering why we always have and so many stories to talk about..It seems that we are almost in the process of discussing both our autobiography..and all stories behind, beneath and above those..hehehe The trip was about six hours and a half and that again means non-stop chatting..food trips, and exploring discussing nature..we almost discuss everything under the bus..hah! we never get tired of chatting,mind people who read this post and not personally know my guy,he is the person whom not used of chatting.. he's a little bit lazy mouth..And such a funny thing he was the one telling stories as we travel..

At the terminal stop(love that sunset particularly this shot on tarlac..)

We arrived at the City of Pines at 11:30 in the evening and surely the driver assistant never fail to the time he had given..

We stay at a pension house at the downtown place..Gladly my friend Berly recommended the place they stayed there..

Early in the morning we started our clueless tour..hahaha we were offered for a one day tour by renting a car but we prefer having a tour just with the two of us..

We first went to the cathedral since it was sunday morning and we attended the mass..after taking some shots of the place we never forget to took shot of the Baguio viscinity and scenic spot map..(Dora!!)..

we did enjoy the place,we never felt tired the whole day, though later in the afternoon the weather was not that good at all..

Our lovers motto "nothings gonna stop us..hahaha we continued xploring the places though in a pouring rain was with us.. Unfortunately we missed to go to the Grotto, first both of us hate stairs(its really serious long stairs ayt)second it may lead us into sickness..wuahaha,(justifying laziness) seriously its getting too cold and it would harm then both our health so we decided that there will be a next time for that place..Sunday at 11:55 we are about to leave a short period of paradise.. and we spent our rest nesting at the bus chairs chilling..hahaha..Finally at 5:30 am July 06, we're at home, and enjoy the warmth of our own place..And today is another different day, it's now the date of his birthday and I am not yet done on my surprise on him..I bought him some food that we love to celebrate together(though I don't have enough sleep from work).. Actually at the eve of his birthday he surprised me by going to my work place exactly at my break sched then i treat him for some coffee and an Oreo cheese cake from SB just to compensate and enjoy for an hour we were together and initially formally celebrating his day.. Glad that I can give him more than one surprises on his special day..happy birthday honey ..Hope you will always remembered this time of your life..

jean –   – (July 10, 2009 at 3:50 PM)  

uy kha kainggit nman... we're planning din to go there eh!!! how much will it takes na going to Baguio?

kha  – (July 10, 2009 at 6:08 PM)  

total of 7k Bongga na un.. feeling turista na..hahaha... next port namen vigan.. if u want plan tau..since malapit lang nmn..

mica –   – (July 11, 2009 at 4:51 AM)  

wow your so sweet..nakakaaliw yung blog mo napakatotoo sa sarili..i also read your honey's blog..sayang i am not a blogger and i can't follow you..

ryliej  – (July 22, 2009 at 9:04 AM)  

I don't think you're mean, you look so sweet, based from what I am reading, you are very loving and caring...

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