Feeling of Bored

I have a very happy and non-complicated life, I have a good job yet I felt like somethig is missing..I don't know why I felt this kind of feeling.. I was looking for something new, yet I don't know what specifically is..I just feel like I want to be into something I never been and I am in a grudge to be with it immediately... I am aiming too high, I am being greedy to opportunities (I guess)Blood of being a risk-taker attacking on me again..... Maybe because I again had people who believes a lot in me..I never loses them but for some reason i do need to be separated to them... They were giving me again an urge to aim high.. I admit as I have my hon with me I learned to dream of simple things, simple happiness and simple success.. Because he thought me that way, being simple and having simple life would make people to be contented... Now i wanted to pursue my old plans, partially regardless of being physically separated to honey,.. But I do have this mind-setting that it is for us.. Not being selfishly deciding but its for real, it would both benefited us and both our family especially his.. As we go along our journey together I witnessed what are the things he needed to settle first, I once said that I am a family oriented upraised that's why I do understand the needs he needed to fulfill first. He did ask for marriage and our plan for our wedding was already in the process and were on about of preparing for that grand day of us. I know that thing could wait.. Another more year, two or three.. I now wanted to pursue career abroad, I now wanted to continue my own direct career.. I even wanted to plan for her younger sister's future(my bad I know but I just felt that way, my opinions,suggestions and decisions even if its for his family was always been regarded).. For so many times I have been and keep on experiencing how God has been so good to me, if He still would give me the opportunities which is I am expecting I'll be glad and so very thankful for it.. My dreams includes everybody around me.. I surely assure all the people I love especially those who trust and believe in me would be benefited as I decide..I just wanted to breath my thoughts and confusions I am feeling now..

Zhys  – (July 3, 2009 at 5:39 PM)  

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