35th together

it was a 35th month together last June 24. its been so long that i haven't post here about our special day, bear me hon for that, its not that i forgot but instead you know how busy i am recently.. and besides you knew how i treasured those moments its just that i am really lack of time to post and share it.. And yep here I post for our 35th together, tnx for the revenge of the fallen date though it was late that night and you were tired from work you did have time and energy to celebrate .. later the main day we do have our conflict for a simple little thing, you fetch me at work as early as 6 am and we attend the Wednesday mass at Baclaran, a breakfast at Mr Finger licking good and afterwards the conflict..hahaha funny that little stuff but you really piss my mood that day, knowing its our day..(i don't know if i had to blame it to lack of sleep)*wink*.. but you still made up before the day ends.. you came home with a cake and chocolates i love most and give me a tight and loving hug.. At least i knew that you knew what was your mistake and that's enough.. I tried to ask by being an actress just to be excused to work, but sups are really strict they didn't let me to leave for work, but you waited me for some time at the lobby.. thank you for that and thank you for the patience.. i know recently Ive been a horrible brat yet still you were there to be patient, understand and listen.. I know your pride is 7 footer higher than you but you were crushing that to the ground just and only for me.. thank you honey.. thank you for being with me, partially pampering me and fully patiently loving me.. I can't wait for that time of the year.. i love you so much.. happy 35th together.

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