Sama-sama Rogasyonista Matapos ang 2 Dekada

Always be Their home
  • The interns with Bro. Ed (separate Reunion Celebration)

My post title was the theme for Hon's Alumni homecoming.. And we were part of it.. Hon ask me to come with him on their Alumni Homecoming.. At first I was hesitant cause what would be my role in there.. A question that has been answered by my Hon.. " you will go with me cause I want you to know the people whom I am with half of my life and to be proud that you are my Honey".. eee wow! that was so sweet.. I am not expecting too much either a little that it would be his reason of bringing me there.. Well then thank you so much hon..

I got some photos of the Rogationist College Tagaytay c/o Pau


  • Hallway to Auditorium
  • The college library
  • This is the place were hon and the rest of interns stays..
  • Their auditorium
  • On the renovation of their refectory
Of coarse the Homecoming program starts at 4 in the afternoon, As always expected we arrived there at 8 in the evening.. We arrive in groups which is composed of Hon, me, C2, Bru, Joseph and my newly met (also for Bru) intern, Michael Banta as Kiki...Nice pseudo name ayt?...hehehe some photos of the night event was with honey's kept.. now i have a copy of those and I'll post some..
  • True Faith on Rogationist College' Stage

Seems my honey was so loved by all.. He seemed to be a politician.. Upon entering unto his Alma Matter my hands, my feet and the rest of the groups fingers not enough to count how many have had acknowledge him..whoa! his indeed popular?!.. I am amazed! .. I cant describe the smile on his face being with the familiar guys/people of his life.. he brother assistants, the priest, even the guards, school helpers, canteen staff and so on.. Maybe my guy was really a nice guy.. The program has its band guest, the True Faith. I let hon mingling with his friends. I don't mind if he leave me with Bru cause I know he missed those guys..

  • Father B. also chat with me, and we do have some pics at hon's fone but unfortunately it was not a nice shot, but we do have a couple of pix in Fr.B's digicam .. Father B. keep building up how Felix was when he is with them, even the other Brother Assistant I've talk with.. hahaha All through this years being with him I know he is nice but not too much..

  • I also met the females whom before and still dreaming of Felix.(someone still keeping Huny's pic).hahahaha.. I really got a long wavy hair..Lolz.. I am envied by others...

  • after the moment at the Rogationist we went to Carlos Pizza for some chats(applicable for them) with Kathy, their class president on the last year in High school. Jen also a classmate in fourth year.. Julie ann the frustrated ever in love to honey..Marianne and Janice a batch mate and the rest of interns..

  • They look so happy-together..hahahaha
  • Naughty, tipsy Lhekkz

  • With Kiki and the younger batch of Interns

The celebration wasn't over at the chats, we went to a bar and drink huge beers, Maianne and Janice were eliminated to the group, they chose not to stay cause they said it's too late.. while Kathy asking for treat to huny which of coarse honey did.. He treated Kathy for her requested cocktail the "sex on the beach and so Huny didn't forget "his admirer to treat too.. that was hon used to be.. After some time at the bar Jen, Kathy and Julie leave and we, me and Bru were the left flowers among the torns lol.. the party was not over yet they chose to have some coffee at Starbucks.. full of laughs, full of jokes.. Girls didn't seem to appear that night silly jokes arrised..
Bru and I while watching the guys

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